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Shaving your face?

Shaving your face? What? Queens, hear me out for a second. I thought the same thing but, YES! Shaving your face is awesome and I don’t regret it at all. Surprisingly, this isn’t a new thing around the beauty world (even skin queen Kate Somerville does it) but it is a taboo subject. The way I look at it, we’re all humans and humans have hair. So, why not shave, girl?! I first saw Carli Bybel’s video a few years ago but I didn’t think much of it and my biggest concern

Good Afternoon Queenies, I really have a love for Korean Beauty products but have recently noticed an increased appreciation for Japanese products. One of my favorite brands is Shiseido and they have been on my radar for years, but I never purchased the skincare line until recently. My all-time favorite thing that Shiseido makes is their eyelash curler, it’s the only one I use as most curlers don’t fit my Asian eyes. Today I want to review with you the Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Day Cream. This isn’t the first product I’ve purchased, last month

Let’s dive into the interesting and wonderful world of the Korean Skincare Routine with a detailed look into the 10 step process. I started this routine a few years ago to clear up my skin. Oily and acne-prone skin my daily/lifely struggle, and I was intrigued to hear about a Korean skincare routine. I had to learn more and had to understand what products are used and how this routine worked. First looking into it, I was completely lost and had to look all over to understand what is needed.