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Good morning! One thing I hate about skincare is the cost of eye cream. It’s super expensive and I’m still not convinced that it’s worth the high price tag that companies give them. However, I won’t lie I can’t live without eye cream. Whenever I don’t use it, I can feel my eye skin screaming for it. “Give me moisture or give me death!”, OK… probably not that extreme but I can tell I need some when I don’t wear it. Let’s talk/review the belif – Moisturizing Eye Bomb. I bought mine at

Good morning snow Queens, I hate cold and wet things (okay — ice cream you get a pass), as much as I want to drop an innuendo, I need to be serious with you on this. Okay, let’s think of some examples — It’s like when you are done with a nice hot shower and you really don’t want to get out as you know you’ll instantly become cold. Or here’s another one when you forget to put a towel close by and you look across your bathroom and realize you’re either going to stay

Hello Queenies, Summer is officially here!  I’ve been avoiding foundation and concealer lately, the only thing I’ve been wearing during the day has been a moisturizer (or small amount of BB cream) because of the amount of oils and buckets of sweat that come with the heat (and I just can’t be bothered with a melting face). Of course, all of that nasty activity also brings pimples. I’ve been wondering, is there anything out there that can save me? I did find a product that I wanted to try, as