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If you’re unfamiliar with primer, your first question is about what is it? It’s a product that you put on your face after washing and before applying your makeup. It’s your base and makeup gripper (keeps your makeup on ALL DAY). It can also smooth out and mattify your skin (takes away that nasty oily shine). I’ve tried a bunch of primers; the cheaper and more expensive ones.  I really wanted to try the Jelly Pack as I haven’t used many Asian brands yet. I’m the self-proclaimed poster child for

Good morning Queens! I’m late when it comes to getting on the BB cream train and I think it’s because of how I’m used to my foundation and concealer routine (old-school at heart). So, I didn’t see the need to dive into something I really wasn’t sure or educated about (and by educated I mean what’s the benefit and where to start) as my foundation and concealer way worked fine. The saying, “don’t fix it, if it ain’t broken” comes to mind. However, when I recently purchased something from RoseRoseShop