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Good morning, Queens! Pores; I hate them, I won’t lie. Obviously, you need them as they are important to let your skin breath and your hair grow… But they annoy me a lot. As a kid growing up with moderate to severe acne and skin as oily as a fry basket (enlarged pores were guaranteed!). It has been my skin frustration from young adult to late teens years. Now that I’m in my late 20s things have calmed down. However, I’m not immune, as I still get the occasional pimple

Let’s dive into the interesting and wonderful world of the Korean Skincare Routine with a detailed look into the 10 step process. I started this routine a few years ago to clear up my skin. Oily and acne-prone skin my daily/lifely struggle, and I was intrigued to hear about a Korean skincare routine. I had to learn more and had to understand what products are used and how this routine worked. First looking into it, I was completely lost and had to look all over to understand what is needed.

Hello, Queens! Sun sun sun, I’m so ready for the sun! However, Spring in Upstate NY can be fickle. The last few weeks have been a mixture of sun and rain, mostly rain. Of course, it is Spring time and this means rain rain rain. Well, at least it isn’t snowing. As we all know, sunscreen should be applied at all times when you’re outside (even cloudy days). I never really thought about this until it came to my attention with various articles I read on skin care and Ultraviolet

Here I am to review a product that I’ve been excited to try out for a while — Elizavecca Hell Pore Clean Up Mask. My first thought is that if you enjoy picking glue off your skin, pore strips, and masks then this is a perfect product for you to try. If you check YouTube there are plenty of videos of people screaming from taking off the mask… Now that I think about it, that’s an odd reason why to try something. Oh well, let’s see!

Good morning, Queens! Today marks a very special day to me, as it is my first post on Beauty and the Snail.  I’m really excited that I decided to take this step to start talking about the thing I love most: skincare and beauty (specifically Korean skincare procedures and products). The large majority of the posts will be about that, however there will also be a few posts on make-up or personal events here and there.  Well, now that we got that purpose of this blog out of the way,

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