Hello Queen! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

My name is Moon-Ha and I’m a Korean-American from Western New York. I got into Korean beauty a few years ago and fell in love with it. I’ve experienced mild to serve acne since middle school until my mid-20s. I decided to give Korean skincare a try and it has changed my skin completely. Acne is at a minimal (1 or 2 here and there), or none at all.  I generally now have nothing but smooth and soft skin. I’m hooked and now a serious Korean beauty enthusiast.

I also am a big fan of video games from Persona 5 to Animal Crossing. If I’m not playing them… I’m usually watching them on Twitch or YouTube. I have a Masters in International Sport Management, and have a passion for sports. You’ll find me watching football/soccer or MMA. While finishing my Masters Degree I lived in London and enjoyed traveling around Europe. I hope to travel in the future to Asia.