February Favorites!

Another month has gone, another day closer to summer. Winter seems so long in Upstate New York. We have had a few random warmer days and it makes you feel like Spring is just around the corner, but then it’s 20-30 degrees and snowing. No good.

I just got an iPad and I absolutely love it. It’s to replace my smaller older tablet. All my apps would crash and it would drive me crazy whenever I’m playing a game. Speaking of that — I’ve been obsessed with game apps on my phone, especially the “choice you story” type. They’re so fun and addicting. I’ve spent way too much money on buying diamonds. Yeah, not my proudest moment but I need to know if I was going to get with the Prince! A girl needs to know!

Korean Beauty Secrets – A Practical Guide to Cutting-Edge Skincare and Makeup by Kerry Thompson and Coco Park

I got this book the beginning of the month and I absolutely love it. I think Kerry and Coco did a great job of explaining everything you ever wanted to know about K-Beauty. They go in depth on products, ingredients, and makeup to name a few. I like how they include routines from K-Beauty bloggers and influencers. It gave me an idea of what others are doing. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interesting in K-Beauty or even to ones who have been doing it for a while. You can order it on Amazon here

If you’re a child of the 90s and 00s and had a Mom who loves medical dramas then you know what ER is. One of my favorite shows of all time and it reminds me of my childhood and watching it with my Mom. If you’ve never heard of it before, it’s a medical drama set in Chicago and follows the doctors and nurses there. I ended up getting the box set for Christmas and I’ve been watching them off and on the past month or so. Right now, I’m in the middle of Season 2. There are 15 seasons and every episode is at least an hour long… So much watching yet to do. Have you seen it? What’s your favorite episode? George Clooney… yay or nah?

I’ve been obsessed with the Winter Olympics and I’ve been watching a lot this month. It’s sad that it’s over and it went by quickly. I think my favorite event was the US Women’s hockey team winning the gold medal. It’s crazy because they beat out the Canadians. It was a great match and both teams played so well. The men’s final was also crazy as it came down to OT and OAR beating the Germans. I also love that it was in South Korea and I felt some pride that the Olympics were there. Did you get to watch the Olympics? What was your favorite part?

Side note – I was watching an NBC special and they went to a raccoon cafe. So, you get to sit and hang out with a bunch of raccoons. I NEED TO GO! Many people think they’re gross trash pandas but I think they’re adorable.

Well, these have been my favorite events/things that I enjoyed this February. What are your thoughts? What was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!


MK x

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