Shaving your face?

Shaving your face? What? Queens, hear me out for a second. I thought the same thing but, YES! Shaving your face is awesome and I don’t regret it at all.

Surprisingly, this isn’t a new thing around the beauty world (even skin queen Kate Somerville does it) but it is a taboo subject. The way I look at it, we’re all humans and humans have hair. So, why not shave, girl?! I first saw Carli Bybel’s video a few years ago but I didn’t think much of it and my biggest concern was my facial hair coming back thicker and darker. No, thank you. However, the reality is is that it’s one of those urban legends we hear and it really doesn’t happen. After getting past that mental hump I looked into the benefits of it.

  1. It’s another way that exfoliates your face. You have to be careful though not to over exfoliate your skin.
  2. Lotions and serums absorb quicker.
  3. Makeup goes on smoother and stays on longer.
  4. Skin feels so soft and smooth.

A lot of the hair on my face is peach fuzz and isn’t dark or coarse hair, so I haven’t had any issue with ingrown hairs yet, but it’s been a few weeks and I haven’t seen any.

There has been some debate on what to use when you shave your face. Do you use shaving cream/razor or a facial razor?

Some use shaving cream and a razor but the chances of getting nicks and cuts are much higher. Plus shaving cream is expensive and it’s so messy. I would recommend sticking with a facial razor as that’s what they are made for and you can shave with dry skin. No mess!

I’m using Tinkle Facial Razor and it’s fabulous and inexpensive ($4.39) for 3. Also, Shiseido has facial razors too and they’re $3.84 on Amazon. I need to try those next.

Let me know if you shave your face. What are your thoughts?


MK x





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