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Good morning snow Queens,

I hate cold and wet things (okay — ice cream you get a pass), as much as I want to drop an innuendo, I need to be serious with you on this. Okay, let’s think of some examples — It’s like when you are done with a nice hot shower and you really don’t want to get out as you know you’ll instantly become cold. Or here’s another one when you forget to put a towel close by and you look across your bathroom and realize you’re either going to stay in here forever or going to have to run naked to get one. Which means (again) being instantly cold. I don’t know why this just makes me so mad but it’s just such an awful feeling that I try to avoid.

Okay — now take all of that imaginary scenarios and put all of that right on your face. It’s cold, your upset because it’s cold, and you just want to say yeah forget this mask. Which you never do, because you want need all the essence/serum. It’s a daily battle for me. I think I use masks more during the summer than the winter…  How do we avoid this whole cold situation? Is there a solution? Yes, yes there is! I didn’t know this existed until I was cruising Reddit and one user mentioned getting a mask heater. And of course, I got right on Amazon and bought it ($17.99 on Amazon, yes please).

What does KINGDOMCARES Electric Mask Heater claim?

  • It reaches 113 Fahrenheit (45 Celcius)
  • This temperature opens pores and allows nutrients to be absorbed into the skin.
  • Restores skin elasticity.
  • Promotes blood circulation.
  • Tightens facial contours.

Hello arm in the mirror!

Claims seem legit but I can’t prove any of them… well, besides the temperature as it did get hot quickly.

The heater does not have a temperature gauge and you can’t adjust it. 113 or bust! It does heat up quickly when you plug it in. I’m not patient so, this pleased me. HA!

You put the mask on top of the platform (and you can see a difference in texture when you open it). I’m sorry I didn’t include a picture! It was a bit difficult to get it to show up with my set up. The heating part of the platform doesn’t fully engross the mask (there is a side that stays cool) but if you move it around you can get an even heat. I left it on for 3 mins on each side and it was definitely hot to the touch and I was a bit nervous to put it on my face right away. But, as soon as you take it out and unwrap it, it starts to cool down quickly.

When you take your mask out of the package the middle of it was warm and the ends were cooling down. I will admit that I haven’t burned myself but now that I said it, I probably will.

I love the huge mirror it comes with and you can instantly use it to put on your mask. It’s also very cute and portable! I definitely would bring it along when I’m traveling as it doesn’t take up much room at all. Also, there are more colors are available (pink, “rose”, gold and silver). I should have got the gold one! Oh well.

Have you tried this mask heater? Are there other types available? Let me know your thoughts!


MK x



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