Hello 2018!

Happy New Year, my Queens!

I can’t believe 2017 is over and I’m surprisingly happy about it. This year has been a whirlwind of emotions, good and bad.

Thinking back through my whole year and trying to find 3 highlights or things that I’m thankful for is hard (as there is many), but here is what I came up with:

  1. I celebrated 1 year with my boyfriend.
  2. I got my wee hedgehog, Little Man Sam.
  3. I felt closer to my family and friends than last year. Which might sound weird,  but I think feeling closer to loved ones is a blessing.

What are your thankful events/highlights for 2017?

Gone with the old, on with the new. I don’t like writing New Year Resolutions as I can never follow through with them. I feel like you’re just setting yourself up to be disappointed. I have never met anyone who actually accomplished their resolutions. If you have, I applaud you because I can’t. When I was younger I remember it was such a serious thing for me (also, incredibly specific). I will lose 20lbs, I will stop eating cookie dough, I will marry Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

HA. Ok, MK…

I picked three resolutions for 2018. I think they’re simple and achievable.

  1. Be positive.
  2. Be healthy.
  3. Be more productive.

Do you have your resolutions down? What are they?

All in all, I’m happy for another year and to see what life will bring. Bring it on, 2018! I’m ready!

Love, MK x

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