Review: Etude House Strawberry Foam Curlers

Hello Berry Boo Queens,

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and you got all the things you wanted. I think one of my favorite things about the Holidays is buying gifts and seeing your loved one’s face when they find out what it is. This year I bought my best friend, Deb a signed POP figure of Roman Reigns. She didn’t expect it at all and her reaction was priceless… I should have recorded it. What did you get or give to your loved ones?

Speaking of gifts, I ended up getting myself a handful of products from Kollection K during their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. One of the (many) things I got was the Etude House’s My Beauty Tool Strawberry Sponge Hair Curlers (4 pack). Back in the day, I used to curl, straighten, braid, etc my hair. Now, I just can’t be bothered and usually put it up in a bun/messy bun. It actually feels weird now when I let my hair down. When I was younger that’s all I used to do, wear it down & flat ironed it straight. Times have certainly changed.

When I saw these strawberry curlers I thought, why not? As long as they aren’t velcro. Do you remember those packs of colorful velcro curlers? I would get the “variety pack” and always debate if I needed to get 2 packs or more as my hair used to be very long and thick. Let’s just say they are my worst nightmare and I hate them… I’m surprised I still have hair now. My hair became a literal rat’s nest from the start to the end. I’m pretty sure I cried every time I took them out and it would drive me nuts after all that work there would be no curl. It hurts my scalp just thinking about it now. But, your head can rejoice as these cute curlers are foam, however full disclosure I ended up losing some strains of hair as I got it stuck. Maybe I’m just prone to these results with any curler.

Let’s get on with the review!


  • Cute, cute, and cuteness. The design is so adorable.
  • I bought 3 packs (4 in each) and it was able to curl my whole head. My hair isn’t as thick as it used to be but it’s long. I was able to use 10 and have 2 extras. I was nervous that maybe I would run out but I was surprised.
  • Curlers were long and beachy wavy like. However, they weren’t dry fully and it definitely has a different outcome with your hair length.
  • You could sleep in them as they are made of form, but you would need to find a way to secure them.


  • I’ve had a casualty and have lost some hair already to one curler. It’s still there now…
    Storage! They are so bulky and I don’t want to just throw them in a box as I WILL lose them or they could get all dirty. No thanks, steaks.
  • They have small slits on the top and bottom of the lip of the strawberries. I couldn’t find them and gave up instantly. You may have more patience than me, I think everyone has more patience than me.
  • My hair was still damp when I took them out and I think if I waited a little bit longer it would have worked better.
  • Wouldn’t work with short hair, however, it might with a bob.
  • They can rip if you aren’t careful.

Final Thoughts:

I like these curlers and I’m glad I got them. I’m still on the fence with storage as yes, they are foam so they can collapse and you can put them anywhere. But, no as they take up a lot of room wherever they are. I liked that I was able to get a lot of hair around the berries and didn’t need to buy more than 3 packs. More bang for your buck. Everyone wins!

Love, MK x

PS. Little Man’s pictures were kind of blurry… He kept moving.

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