K-Beauty Battle: Tony Tint Delight v Dear Darling Tint

Hello my Tint Queens,

Over the last few years, I’ve really gotten into lipsticks. NYX, Jeffree Star, Maybelline, and Too Face have filled my collection (Oh, I plan to continue growing it, I see you YSL and I’m coming for you). My go-to’s have been the matte finishes as it tends to stay on your lips a bit longer than other types. I’ve heard of tints/stains before (especially when I was little) but it was never on my list or peaked my interests. However, since I’ve started using K-beauty it was only natural that I would find myself trying out Korean makeup. Tints are quite popular and my recent interests in lip products I wanted to try TonyMoly Tony Tint Delight and Etude House Dear Darling Tint.

I ended up getting both tints because I wanted to test and review them both for you. As they look very similar I wanted to see which one adds up. I forgot which colors I picked as they aren’t on the bottles, but I know I picked the darkest reds.

TonyMoly’s Tony Tint Delight 

  • Smells like a sweet grape, almost like candy. It makes me want to eat it, obviously, you shouldn’t but it smells oh so yummy.
  • It doesn’t feel sticky when applied.
  • Dried quickly.
  • Long and skinny doe foot brush. I was able to cover my upper and lower with one sweep of the brush and also able to get a bit of line precision with the tip of it. Overall application is good.
  • Tint stays on without smudging until you eat or drink. Liquids are not your friend, while you got it on your lips. However, kisses don’t come off on your man/lady, but makeout sessions not recommended. It could get messy.
  • The design is cute, the heart-shaped cap is my favorite part.
  • Only 3 colors – Cherry Pink, Red and Orange Chacha.

Etude House’s Dear Darling Tint 

  • Smells like sweet grape as well, but it’s not as strong as Tint Delight.
  • Sticky when applied and after it dries still a wee bit sticky.
  • The brush is a bit bigger but still was able to apply the tint with one sweep. I found it a bit harder to line my lips with the tip of the brush.
  • After I applied it there was smudging.
  • The design of the tube is cute and I love the font on the front.
  • Has 10 colors (Love!).


  • Before you apply stain be sure to use a lip scrub (sugar scrubs are bomb!). Stain and dry skin do not mix. It makes your lips look patchy and weird. Not cute.
  • This might be a “duh, MK moment” but don’t use makeup remover on your lips unless it says it can be applied to lips. There are removers specifically for tint and some makeup removers that can be used on your eyes and lips. I’ve been using Green Tea Lip and Eye Makeup Remover and has worked well. Before I was using Trader Joe’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil as it’s safe to eat, apply to your skin and takes off makeup well.

Final Thoughts

After testing both of them, I would say that TonyMoly Tony Tint Delight was the one I liked most out of the two. Both had about the same benefits but, the Tony Tiny Delight dried quickly and didn’t smudge. I would purchase it again but I wish they had more colors to try. Orange and MK don’t mix well.

Have you tried either of these tints? What are your thoughts on gel tints? Or do you like the other types – water, creamy or oil?

Lots of Love,

MK x

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