My Weekend with the 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi Mini /Chibi

Hello 90s Queens,

Realistically, this post is for all my Queens, before and after the 90s, because let’s not limit ourselves. Ageists aren’t welcome here.

So — As you might have clicked (also seen on my Instagram), I recently got the 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi Mini/Chibi and it totally brings me back to my 90’s childhood. Simpler times and no loans/bills. Oh, how I miss those times.

I don’t remember what the cost was back in the 90’s but the new Mini was only $15-16 USD. Not too bad for a new virtual pal. Considering how expensive some toys are nowadays… I see you Hatchimals. Wow, I sound old, but let’s be real… They ARE expensive. I digress.

Friday (December 1st) 

My boyfriend and I went to Gamestop because he needed to pick up a new control. Of course, right when you walk in there is a table filled with goodies and deals. AHHH THE DEALS!! Sitting there was a handful of Tamagatchi Minis and I knew they were going to be launched before the year ended but I didn’t think I was even going to see one. I don’t know why I thought that…

There weren’t too many colors there. I got the baby blue and pink one — it has number decal with and 3 buttons.  There are 5 other colors that are supposed to represent the original colors.

I took it home and pulled the little tab on the back to wake this little friend up. It’s actually what I remember when it started up — a little egg waiting to hatch. It took a few minutes to hatch into a small circle with a face. The first thing you should do is set the time and once I did it immediately yelled at me to turn off the light as it was sleeping.

Saturday (December 2nd) 

The next day my Tamagotchi is awake and bouncing around the small screen. One thing I didn’t do was name it. I’ve never been one to name things like cars or other objects (naming pets is a struggle for me). For example, I named my rabbit, Bunny. Just think of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s cat named Cat. Very original, I know. But, I like it and it works for me.

The screen is a lot smaller than the original Tamagotchi I had back in the day. At times it was hard to even see what was going on, so in dim light — not recommended. The controls are really simple, 3 buttons, the left button is to move up and down, the middle to confirm/enter, and the last to cancel/go back. The controls change depending on what the Tamagotchi needs — if it needs to eat or if it needs a shower.

The majority of the day, it just bounced around the screen and beeped when it needed to eat and needed a shower.

Later that night, it turned into its final form — a  creature with a big head with a wee tail (it looks like a sperm… I’m sorry but it does!). Maybe I should name him Seamus or Steve? Hello, Steve! Maybe?

Honestly, I was surprised I hadn’t killed him yet… Apparently, they are really easy to kill. Maybe, that’s why I didn’t want to name it right away.

Sunday (December 3rd)

The end of the weekend and Steve was magically still alive. Hooray! The day was the same as yesterday and he just bounced around ate and pooped. That’s really the extent of your Tamagotchi and its life. None the less, it’s still fun to take care of them and to remember the old times.

Final thoughts: 

I’m glad I got it and happy it wasn’t too expensive. I think if you see it for more than $20, it’s definitely not worth it. It’s nice to relive your younger years and play with toys that you haven’t been able to in years. Even though it was harder to find these virtual pets in store in the US, Bandai in Japan was still producing them (I totally need the Sanrio Mix). Just because you can get a wee Hello Kitty or Gudetama to care for.

source: Amazon

The Cons

  • The screen is too small and hard to see at times.
  • The controls are too simple and I’m pretty sure you could play with your pet with the originals. You can’t do it with the Mini.
  • There is no way to turn off the loud beeping. Thus, taking it to school/class/work is not recommended.

The Pros

  • 100% brings back the nostalgia of your younger years if you were a kid in the 90s/early 00s.
  • Even though I put ‘simple’ as a con, I think it’s a pro as well. It’s simple to use and doesn’t take too much to take care of your wee friend.
  • Cost; $15-16 isn’t too bad. I don’t remember how much it cost me to get a Tamagotchi back in the day but, I don’t think it was that expensive.

All in all, it’s fun and something to keep around to bring back memories. I would recommend it to anyone who grew up with the first gen Pokemon, N64 and snap bracelets.

Which Tamagotchi did you have? Or Neopet? Gigapet? Do you think you would get the Mini?

Lots of Love,

MK xx

Update 12/11 – He’s still alive… What type of fluke is this? 



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