Hello December, Good Bye November!

Hello my Queens,

I can’t believe it’s December already, and this means 2018 is just around the corner. The older I get the more I realize how time really flies. I remember when I was younger when a year felt like an eternity. Now, a month is nothing and a year goes by too fast. Well, let’s slow down and look back at the month that we just stormed through.

Monthly favorites have always been something I enjoyed watching/reading on YouTube or other blogs. It lets you sum up and think about the products/items/etc that you enjoyed or liked this month. I thought why not share this with my ladies? Let me warn you now that I have interests in so many things and this list (and future lists) may seem random. Example — I love wrestling, art, sports, and games. However, with all my random interest I will always include some sort of beauty or makeup product. Because… why wouldn’t I?

Well, lets jump right into it!


This product continues to be my life saver… well, my hair lifesaver. I did a review on this already, you can check it out here.

I’ve tried a bunch of dry shampoos and this one has been the only one that has ACTUALLY worked for me. Oily skin is my life and oily hair is its partner in crime. They say you shouldn’t wash your hair every day, so this powder helps on those in-between days. I recommend it to everyone, you won’t be disappointed.

Book: How to Murder Your Life by Cat Marnell

source: Amazon

Being able to read and find the time to do it has been difficult. If you really want to read you have to make the time to and this month I was determined to do that. Normally, I would sit and watch a movie or YouTube, but not this month! Reading was on my schedule and a big check mark is next to it on my To-Do List.

This book had my interest from the beginning to the end. I had never heard of Cat Marnell before and found out that she worked with the magazine Lucky (RIP) and wrote for xoJane.com. She took me through her life growing up, working at Conde Nast and her continual struggles with drug addictions. While reading her story, I started to really like her and respect her honesty on her addiction and everything in between. Addiction has always been something that interested me and I was even planning on going into Addiction Counseling back in college. Her book made me see another side of addiction and her first-hand experiences from when she was younger to a grown woman. I love you, Cat!

Item: Light-up Pikachu Slippers

source: thinkgeek.com

Pikachu? Warm slippers? Light up cheeks? Yes, yes and yes. These are just the most adorable slippers and they keep your toes toasty warm.

When you walk Pikachu’s cheeks light-up and it makes me smile every time. The nice thing about them is that there is an on and off switch hidden in the head, so if it really starts to bug you it can be turned off.

I will admit they are a bit bulky when walking around, especially downstairs, but it’s not problematic.

I did end up scaring my dog when I walked past him. He wasn’t a fan. Poor guy.

Hunk of the Month: Roman Reigns – WWE Super Star. Yes, please!

source: facebook – @powerhouseromanreigns

Of course, we had to end with the hunk of the month. Because, why not.

What are your November favorites? Did you find something new that you love? Let me know in the comments.

Lots of Love,

MK xx

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