I got a hedgehog!

I would like to introduce you to the new addition to the family, Little Man Sam (or Little Man)! His name is Sam because he was born on the 4th of July. Of course, this was not a impetuous decision and was a result after my boyfriend’s sister getting one (I fell in love with hedgies). So from the beginning, I had some knowledge on how to take care of them, but remember that you should always do your research before getting any pet as they can be the right or wrong fit for you.

For example: Hedgehogs aren’t messy creatures and you can even litter train them to cut the mess in the cage (this is what I’m doing with him). Also, if you’re a morning person and go to bed early at night, hedgehogs might not be the right fit as they are nocturnal. You can hear them running on their wheel at night. They can be trained to kick the nocturnal habits, I’m not sure what this will do to a hedgehog but I heard it can be done. I have decided to roll with his nighttime ways.

The one thing I love about animals is that they all have their own personalities. Little Man has definitely shown some cute traits and has warmed up to my boyfriend and I quicker than what we expected. Some hedgehogs take weeks, months or even a year to get comfortable with you. He is teaching me patience for sure as I am not a patient person in the slightest.

This Friday will mark the 2nd week of having him in my life and I can’t say I regret it at all. I think I might do a hedgehog post later on (when I’ve had him for a while). If you want to see more pictures of him, make sure to follow my Instagram account. Maybe I should start his own account. Oh, geez… I’ve become one of those pet owners!

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