Afternoon Queens,

Oil, oil, oil! Literally, this is my life from my skin to my hair. It’s sad that washing your hair is bad for it and I try to go according to what my body demands. “Oh, it’s 95 degrees out. YEAH I’m going to take a shower” or “Oh, its -4 degrees? Nah I’m going to stay in bed” – Clearly my habits follow weather patterns. But, let’s be honest – when you instantly sweat (with swamp ass) and it’s only 8am, how could you not want to shower?

Well, this leads me to my review of the A’Pieu Oily Hair Dry Powder. I’ve had my fair share of dry shampoos and trying to find one that fits me. Out of many of them I have tried, Batiste has been the most successful until I met this product.

You’re always going to have that powder residue and feel. But, this gave me minimal residue on my hair and scalp. I also noticed that my oily hair didn’t come back after a few hours, which was an issue with other products. You spray it on in the morning and by the afternoon your hair feels worse. I didn’t have that at all.

One downside of this is the smell. It doesn’t smell bad as it has a fresh and floral scent — Cotton powder and apple mint. But, it can be very overwhelming. The plus is that the smell lasts awhile and masks any stink you might have. I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing as people would know that you haven’t washed your hair.

Another downside is the amount you get; it is smaller than what you get with the typical spray dry shampoos. However, I’m not sure if this would be considered a dry shampoo as it is advertised as a powder. I could be wrong though and could just be wording. The compact is as big as your palm and reminds me of a BB cushion compact or a pressed powder. I think a little goes a long way and not a lot is needed for your ‘touch-up days’.

It comes with a wee cotton puff and I ditched that quickly as I was in a rush and thought “Ha! That’s going to do absolutely nothing for me.” I’ve used it once or twice but what I ended up doing was just shook it above my head. Probably not recommended as it gets everywhere but it worked for me. Don’t get me wrong the puff is really cute and I could probably use it for something else. But, for now I’m going to keep it in the compact as it has been keeping the powder from getting all over the place when I open it.

The price is $5.99 and I think it’s reasonable, however I’m not sure how quickly I can go through it. I will keep you guys posted.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this and buy it again. I found it a lot different than any of the other dry shampoos/powders I’ve used before. If you do try it, let me know if you like it or not.

– MK

Update: They have a Dry Shampoo version. Anyone know where I can get it?

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