Review: Berrisom Essence BB Cream

Good morning Queens!

I’m late when it comes to getting on the BB cream train and I think it’s because of how I’m used to my foundation and concealer routine (old-school at heart). So, I didn’t see the need to dive into something I really wasn’t sure or educated about (and by educated I mean what’s the benefit and where to start) as my foundation and concealer way worked fine. The saying, “don’t fix it, if it ain’t broken” comes to mind. However, when I recently purchased something from RoseRoseShop they sent a sample of Berrisom’s Essence BB cream (not sponsored). That’s one thing I really like about getting products from companies from Korea as they send you a bunch of samples. Every girl loves samples!

The little spot below the pump is from a sticker that kept the cap on and to show no one used it.

It’s advertised as a skin care blemish base with SPF50+, PA+++, anti-wrinkle, whitening, and is moisturizing.

My first impression was the amount you get — Hello 50 ml and how big the tube is. When I first took the BB Cream out of the packaging I thought it was going to be a squeeze tube like toothpaste. It has a pump function instead which I think it’s really handy and less messy.

One thing to note is that this BB cream comes in one shade, which is really light and won’t fit everyone.**The picture below — the product is not fully blended in because I wanted to show you what the shade and texture looked like.** Sadly, my shade is ghost or hasn’t been in the sun in years, so it fit my skin tone nicely. Lastly, it has a baby powder smell and is a bit over powering for some. However, it didn’t bug me and went away once I used loose powder.

I really like this product and will definitely buy it again. My suggestion is If you are interested in trying this product I would see if RoseRoseShop has samples left.

– MK


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