Review: Farmer Maker – Direcsil Face Shield Patch

Hello Queenies,

Summer is officially here!  I’ve been avoiding foundation and concealer lately, the only thing I’ve been wearing during the day has been a moisturizer (or small amount of BB cream) because of the amount of oils and buckets of sweat that come with the heat (and I just can’t be bothered with a melting face). Of course, all of that nasty activity also brings pimples. I’ve been wondering, is there anything out there that can save me?

I did find a product that I wanted to try, as it may cover these needs – the Farmers Marker Direcsil Face Shield Patch. I’ve seen this product circulating around Instagram and thought, “Uhhh… What? A product that can cover my imperfections to make it look smooth,  and no redness!?”  Anything that can cover my acne, shield it from the elements and my makeup sounds incredibly desirable.

Yeah, sign me up to try this! Let’s see if this product can keep up with my mental hype!

First impressions:

– Small packaging, but sometimes with small packaging you don’t need that much product.

– I thought it was a bit weird how the tube wasn’t able to sit comfortably in the box. It was bursting at the opening.

– No English instructions, which is completely fine as this isn’t an American company. I always get nervous as maybe I’m missing important information or directions though.

– Overall, I’m just excited to try this product and to see how/if it works.

The Trial Begins:

I wasn’t sure if I needed a completely clean face (no toner, moisturizer, etc) when using this. I decided to stick to my routine and apply the product over (I also tried again later, with no products on my face).

The texture is sticky, and felt like the consistency of honey. It applied to my face evenly and it seemed like it dried quickly (somewhat tacky to the touch). I considered just leaving it without concealer but decided to cover it as shown on the video tutorial. It was a complete disaster! I normally apply concealer with my finger because I can get better control and coverage, but instantly you could see patches/uneven spots where I applied the shield. When I tried to fix it, the shield began to tear and it was peeling off extremely quickly. Disappointing! I tried to reapply 3 times with different amounts – less and more. Also, applied with nothing on my face, no toner, essence, moisture. It didn’t matter still did the same thing.

After trying again, and again, and thinking maybe I did it wrong or didn’t give it a chance. I’m pretty sure it just didn’t work well for me as many ways as I tried to use it. I’m completely disappointed as I was really excited about it and wanted to make it work. But… I would NOT recommend this product and would not buy again.

Rating: 0 Snail Friends.

– MK

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