TONYMOLY Pokemon Pikachu BB Cushion Review

Hello hello Queens!

I love everything about K-Beauty skin care but the one thing I never really got into was K-Beauty make-up. The most convenient thing for me is to go down to Sephora and Ulta and pick up stuff there. I also realize how picky I am with my make-up and I don’t normally order stuff online. If I’m going to spend the amount of money for something, it’s got to be good. Side note: Marc Jacob’s Magic Marc’er Precision Pen Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner is everything! But, K-Beauty make-up has really interested me over the last few months and I wanted to start trying products out. Cushions are very popular in K-Beauty and I thought I should start there. I like the idea of a cushion because it’s easy to travel with unlike liquid foundation, it feels lighter, there is less of a mess. Surfing through various K-beauty websites I saw that TONYMOLY had a Pokemon collection and as I am a child of the 90s I wanted to try it. Plus, Pikachu is adorable and one of my favorites.

Let’s move onto the review!

  Let’s just start off and say the front of the compact is adorable. Full face Pikachu with the ears peeking out the top. Cute! If you remember Pokemon when you were younger, it will definitely give you heartwarming feels.

There is only 2 colors — Skin Beige (#01) and Warm Beige (#02). I always try to get the lightest shade as I am very pale. Honestly, I’m borderline ghost, I’m that pale. I figured that maybe “skin beige” (that name sounds weird saying… skin beige… what?) was a color I could get away with as it was the first on the list and thought it would probably be the lightest.

When I used it I didn’t see much product on my little puff pad. Not enough to cover some trouble spots so needed to go back at least another 2/3 times. If you are looking for just a wee bit of coverage then definitely try this out.

If you’re pale — you’re not going to pull this off. Your face will be darker than your neck & Queen.. that’s not cute.

All in all, I love that TONYMOLY collaborated with Pokemon and I still would try some of the other products they have (like, their Pokemon blush). But, I’m going to have to pass on this cushion this time.

Rating: 1 out of 5 snailies!

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