Let’s Start This Off Right

Good morning, Queens!

Today marks a very special day to me, as it is my first post on Beauty and the Snail. 

I’m really excited that I decided to take this step to start talking about the thing I love most: skincare and beauty (specifically Korean skincare procedures and products). The large majority of the posts will be about that, however there will also be a few posts on make-up or personal events here and there. 

Well, now that we got that purpose of this blog out of the way, you’re probably thinking “What is with this blog name?” 

Beauty and the Snail — it just rolls off the tongue. Well, maybe not the snail part… as they are not something I’ve ever eaten before. 

I’ll break down the name and why I decided to name it this way. 

1. My love for Beauty and the Beast. One of my favorite movies growing up and one of my most played VHS tapes. 

2. My personal experience of looking like Beauty and the Beast in the morning… More beast than beauty!

3. Snail has been a very popular ingredient for Korean skincare and you will likely run into it sooner or later in your skincare journey. Also, it is one of my favorites to use on my face. Snail everything, please. 

Okay, blog name explanation – check! Next? Who am I? 

Yes… who am I? 

My name is Amanda or you can call me Moon-Ha (which is my Korean name and most likely the name I’ll use the most on here). I’m Korean-American and was born in Seoul until I was adopted into a lovely family in upstate NY. I got interested in serious skincare as acne has been a bane of my existence for a long, long time (since my middle school years).  I was interested in learning more about my birth culture and how big skin care is in Korea. I am 29 years old and am in the search of finding great products that I hope to bring and share to you on this blog!

– MH

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